Sauce championship

The Sauce making competition has become a sport in the most part of the world which happens throughout any part of the year. Visitors are welcomed to view the contest and also allowed to participate. To take the event to next level they hold judging classes where it is a possible certified barbecue. Hundreds of BBQ competitions are conducted in many regions every year which are drawn for the small local affair to a large festival. There is no age limit even toddlers if they are interested can take part this event. The contest is steered with some rules which should be followed by every participant. Judgment is also based on the assigned to the rule. The event has some attractive prizes to spice up the sport and also attract thousands of spectators. Depending on the prize amount the organizer will bring competitors from several states. One should be prepared with pit builder one day before the event so that it will effect on the event day. The Sauce container should have “universal public code” (UPC) which is checked at the time of judging. Materials used for the sauce must be from the local region. The award-winning sauce will acquire a brand name and sold on the market.