BBQ Fest

Every year there will be a food festival conducted by every society members of Virginia. One of the most popular festivals is BBQ fest where people are fond of heating up the ribs. The festival has become an annual traditional event that is held on any month. It comprises not only food but also other small funny activities like fishing torments, golf tournament and there also a contest for a creative writer based on some funny topics. This attracts thousands of people from various regions to attend the festival and they are served with delicious barbecue. Fest is a place where people and chefs spread their secret of cooking. Different variety of food will be cooked at this spot. At the time of fest, the area will be filled with tons of people from all along the state. The theme of BBQ fest is to bring good food, good friends, and a good time. This Annual festival has been recognized by regionally, nationally and states wide for its excellence. The event has been recognized as one of the top festivals by travelers from all part of the world. For many civic and nonprofit organizations, the festival helps in raising funds for providing parking or selling concession.